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harry_n_ginny's Journal

17 September 1986
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I'm a college student from Michigan. I like hanging out with my friends, reading and watching TV and movies. My favorite book series is Harry Potter and my favorite TV shows are Chuck, CSI:NY, Grey's Anatomy and Criminal Minds. My past favorite shows are Roswell and Joan of Arcadia even though both are canceled now :(. I'm obsessed with fanfiction and enjoy reading as much of it as I can.

I'm one of the biggest shippers you will ever meet......if I watch something or read something you can almost guarantee that I'm shipping at least one couple in that book or show lol. My ships tend to follow canon for the most part and I hate when people insult my ship....Here are a list of my major ships :)

Chuck: Charah or Chuck & Sarah

CSI:NY Danny & Lindsay (I also think Stella and Mac would be good together but the only ship I'm invested in is Lindsay and Danny.....and If there was no Danny I could totally see Flack & Lindsay....but since there is a Danny I can't see her with anyone else ;) ) I also want an Adam, don't get me wrong Danny is my favorite...but I want an Adam he's so sweet and nerdy and bumbling and I just want to squeeze him lol

Grey's Anatomy: MerDer again I love Alex & Izzie, Cristina & Owen, and Mark & Lexie but the only couple I 100% care about is Meredith & Derek.

Criminal Minds: Morgan & Garcia all the way!! They are perfect for each other, they are the main reason I love the show. Oh and then I ship Reid/Me...lmao just kidding I just adore Reid

Roswell: I'm a dreamer all the way or a Max & Liz shipper. I also loved Alex & Izzie and Michael & Maria, but like my other shows my main ship was dreamer.

Harry Potter: Harry & Ginny (now really does this surprise you? I mean look at my LJ name lol) I am 100% H/G they are the ship I'm most protective of because they are my most attacked ship. The Ginny hate makes me so mad I could scream...because I love her!!! I also support Ron & Hermione, Lily & James and Remus & Tonks from HP :)

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